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June 07, 2016 | | France
Did Joan d'Arc Really Perform Any Miracles?

If we could hear the thoughts of Queen Isabella of Bavaria, they would probably go more or less like this... "Ruling over the 15th century French court is all blood, sweat and tears. Especially, if you are a woman and even more so if you are a foreigner. My courtiers often grimace at my harsh Germanic accent and call me Queen Isabella of Bavaria...

Sadly, there is nobody to step in for me – definitely not my nutty husband, nor my son, completely devoid of initiative. I will have to dig in my heels and bring peace to this feuding country myself and liberate it from the occupation of the English. With God’s help, or seemingly, with divine providence's support. After all, I heard about this haunted Joan d'Arc.

I would love to take the bull by its horns and end this civil war myself. If it doesn’t end soon, it might as well go on for one hundred years! Sadly, the people picked me to be their scapegoat, laugh at me and see me as the root of all evil. I’ve often heard about my supposed indiscretions or intrigues. Lately they’ve even said I have an illegitimate child with Charles d’Orleans. What won’t those English do to keep the power…? This brat was supposed to be a young mystic, Joan. Pure hogwash! Speaking of her, why not use the girl? For the legend says, a woman who’s to save France will appear and lead the army towards the victory, like an incarnation of the goddess Diana.

Joan might not be well educated and there might be something off about her, but nonetheless, the girl is truly impressive! She has everything on its place: the self-assurance, concise way of speaking and the hymen! If the people are not going to listen to me, I’ll make use of her. I’ll just steer the girl the right way and then everything’s in God’s hands. The soldiers will be definitely more likely to follow a young, vigorous girl into combat instead of an aging queen with a bad reputation. The voices in her head (including mine) will tell Joan exactly what to do.

Can this girl perform miracles, as it is rumored about her? I’ve seen no such a thing, but I’m not losing my faith. As they say, faith can move mountains! With mine and God’s help, Joan will take Orleans. Let’s hope she’s not just a flash in the pan…".

Among some historians there is a justifiable supposition that it was Queen Isabella of Bavaria, the mother of the furture King Charles VII of France, who encouraged her son to fight for the throne alongside the actions of Joan d'Arc. It was highly unlikely for a simple girl like Joan to get into the circle of a future king without some secretive help from his mother. Either way, even if Joan was used by Isabella of Bavaria for political reasons, what she did for France deserves the greatest respect. Her demeanour made the French believe in victory and led to the coronation of King Charles VII of France in Reims Cathedral. Joan became a Saint of the Catholic Church, because as she said, she received a command from God to rescue France from the English reigns. Unfortunately, as in the case of many well-known people, she was abandoned by those who owed her so much. She was captured, indicted and burnt at the stake by the English.

I can help you visit the places related to the life and death of Joan d'Arc - a Saint, but also one of the most famous women in history.

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