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June 30, 2016 | Yellowstone National Park | United States
The Surprising Things Not To Do When You Meet a Bear

Randy often hiked in Yellowstone National Park. For years he had been getting to know this area first with guides, then with larger groups of friends, to finally decide on a lonesome trek in the beautiful surroundings. He packed some food to go and set off early in the morning to explore the Park. After a few kilometers of hiking, he noticed a mama bear with her cubs in a distance. What did he do wrong when trying to save himself? Everything.

If you want to escape with your life in a face-off with a bear you just have to… avoid them! Randy’s decided to hike alone and this was his first mistake. Majority of casualties in bear encounters are caused by lone travelers. Not only is it because a bear might decide to retreat when faced with a larger group, but also because a group of people makes more noise than a person traveling alone. A loner could go unheard by a dangerous animal. You think that’s a good thing? Think again! Always announce when you’re visiting someone, if you don’t want to piss off your host. I actually saw runners who were blowing a whistle while running into the woods to warn animals about their presence.

Randy forgot this basic forest etiquette and entered the bear’s territory unannounced. The hostess was unhappy with that and decided to blatantly let Randy know what a faux pass he had committed. The man got flustered and opted for a tactical retreat instead of getting a lesson about manners. However, he was unaware of the fact that if you’re not Usain Bolt you have a slim chance of escaping a bear – they can run up to 65 km/h.

You’ve probably heard about a theory that it’s easier to run from a bear when you’re going downhill. Randy did hear about it and decided to follow the advice after being unable to climb a tree (which, by the way, is also a bad idea because bears climb trees with ease). Luckily for him, he knocked himself out when he run into a tree, which relatively didn't wound him that much. Once he was out, mama bear lost her interest. The tactic of pretending to be dead is probably the most effective one. A dead body does not pose a threat for little cubs and a human's meat is not very attractive for bears either. Their main food sources are plants and berries, which they consume in enormous quantities. They love eating salmon, but a sweaty dead guy - not so much. A running tourists activates an instinct of chasing. But when a human lies as if they were dead, the fun is over. Would you like to share his unbearable fate? I don’t think so. In case of danger only your calmness and reason can save you.

I know places in the USA and Canada where you can observe bears in nature. They are wonderful animals, but can be dangerous, if you try to take a selfie with them.

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