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September 20, 2016

Contrary to what one might expect, life of a black fly is not an easy one. Depending on conditions, adult insects live up to a mere few weeks. It’s not a long time to live a life to the fullest and to pass down one’s genetic material. The hero of our story, a male black fly, is about to fulfill its life’s mission. He is only 9 days old, but has already reached sexual maturity. Sadly, he will soon learn that one can be sometimes blinded by love.

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Tips & Curiosites
July 05, 2016

In the 14th century, between the years 1322 and 1324, Europe was struck by especially severe winters. It was so freezing cold for months that even the whole Baltic froze. Merchants, military and bandits made use of this bizarre situation and used the frozen sea as a shortcut. Resourceful innkeepers were overjoyed and started building their inns in the middle of the sea. Special construction of the furnaces prevented them from melting the ice underneath. Seems unreal, right?

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June 28, 2016

„Dad, I think I’m going back home. Poland's Lublin is not that bad, nor is uni. I’ve even learned a lot, but I’ll try to go more to the West, maybe back to the States altogether. Nobody’s picking on me, my buddies are very nice and helpful, do not call names on "capitalists" and are able to score goods on the black market… And the problem is exactly with that weird scoring.

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