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North America

In North America, I focus on the United States and Western part of Canada. Many North Americans do not know their own continent well. Most travelers who come to the United States tend to visit famous landmarks like New York, California, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Las Vegas, South Rim of Grand Canyon and Florida (with Miami and Orlando). Apart from all the "must-see", big cities and regions, I highly recommend North American nature and landscape which are a bit off the beaten path.


Do you know places in North America, where you can touch the bones of dinosaurs in the ground?

How many national parks have you visited in North America and how many days have you stayed there contemplating their beauty?

How many times in your life did you have a chance to observe wildlife?


North America has all kinds of attractions but not only in typical tourist destinations. Many places in North America provide unique experience of all types, except its limited choice of old historic landmarks compared to Europe.

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