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  • Imagine a person with natural curiosity of life and supernatural communiction skills with the ability of seeing things, people and emotions from various prospectives. Then, you may add extensive travel experience, passion for human heritage and great joy of sharing all of it with other people. If you can imagine it, then, you will see Witek. 

Maciej Skrzycki
Regional Sales Manager, Nike Poland and very experienced traveler


  • Amazing new initiative from one of the most passionate guys I know!


Philip Hamilton

former General Manager, Vice President at Nike, VF, Martens



  • Knowing somebody for 40 years is a challenge but seeing Witek's endurance to meet, match and show the world as it is,is a great experience and joy. Such imaginative and creative people in business should be the most trusted to be guided throughout the beauties of today and magic of the past - the perfect balance of risk and pleasure, satisfaction and temptation, accomplishment and dreaming.


Sergiusz Najar

Banker on top executive positions with Citibank,mBank and
Santander in Central&Eastern Europe, traveller to over 60 countries,
living in Venezuela, France, Spain, Russia and now in Eastern Bohemia

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