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About us

WK Travel Inspirations was founded in 2016 by Witold Kowalski. During 35 years of traveling, he planned and realized about 300 trips for himself, his family, friends and clients to, mainly Europe, North America, China, but also to Africa and South America. Despite successful business career, he was always interested in helping independent travelers, who do not like tour operators, plan their trip itineraries at their own pace and, in small groups. Witold is a living encyklopedia of historic and travel knowledge, which makes it easier for him to explore the world on his own. He assists others in trip planning and understanding the world better. Witold avoids tourist mainstream but knows it very well. When showing his pictures to others, people like them very much, but usually do not know, where they have been taken. Discovering real „pearls” of architecture, art and nature is Witold’s specialty.



Witold Kowalski,

ex-CEO of several international companies, including Nike. He also runs a business consulting practice as WK Profit Consulting and is a mentor in European Commission innovation projects. During his 35 years of traveling, he visited 30 countries, some of them up to 40 times, on 5 continents. Witold is passionate about history, architecture , art and nature sightseeing. All photos and films on this website have been taken by him during his private and business travels.





Kasia Kowalska,

a daughter of Witold Kowalski, joined WK Travel Inspirations in 2016 as Marketing Manager. She graduated from Management School at Lancaster University, UK. Kasia accompanied his father during his numerous trips for 20 years. Except strong interest in historic heritage and nature sightseeing, her passion is social media marketing.

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