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1. Could you explain shortly how I can benefit by using your services?

With our expert knowledge based on personal travel experiences, you will save time planning your trips, be able to visit off-the- beaten-path attractions not known to many, maximize your experience during your trips, for a great value for money.


2. What is your advantage compared to other online travel recommendation services?

Unlike many other companies, we specialize deeply in historic heritage sightseeing. That is why we would like to learn your historic & cultural interests in detail to recommend travel destinations and attractions precisely. Some of our services are automated but, because travel profiles of our clients vary a lot, our advice is customized strictly to your needs.


3. Do I have to register to use your services?

No. You can order your quick travel advice online, use our contact page, or send us an email. We are flexible. If you like your first interaction with us, we will guide you how to benefit from our services at your full benefit and convenience.


4. What if I am interested in historic sightseeing in general, but cannot determine my historic and cultural interests precisely?

You can still use and enjoy our trip planning services. You may discover very interesting places that you didn’t know about before!


5. I am interested in nature sightseeing only. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Our tourist attractions cover both historic heritage and natural attractions. We can prepare great trips for you, which show you mountains, lakes, rivers, seaside, deserts, volcanoes, national parks and glaciers. You may choose if you want to see some historic attractions on the way.


6. Can I rely on your assessment of tourist attractions’ quality (top class, very interesting, worth seeing)?

Our assessments of each recommended attraction are based on: our own experience from visiting that attraction, expert knowledge in certain specialty areas we developed over many years and/or checking the quality of attractions in proven sources of information.


7. What is your Ranking of Region Recommendations?

Once you register, share your travel interests in a questionnaire and do an automated search for regions to visit, our system will show you your unique top down ranking of regions to visit, according to your interests and specific travel plans. In other words, it shows suggestions of destinations you should consider visiting in the future.


8. What are the advantages of using WK Travel Inspirations in comparison to other, global travel websites which provide lists of various attractions in any country or city for free?

Our services are focused on historic and natural sightseeing, as well as on your specific interests. They are very personal and flexible. We do the „cherry picking” for you in popular, but mainly off-the- beaten-path destinations. Unlike many competitors, we can recommend itineraries for independent travellers which cover many regions and countries during one trip.


9. What are your criteria of recommending partners for different services (booking, events, travel guidebooks, etc.)?

Our criteria are based on our personal experience from using their services or my experience in "remote" evaluation whether their products are of high quality. We do not guarantee that these firms would meet all of your expectations. You may book such independent services at your own cost and risk. However, our goal is to minimize your risk considering performance of our recommended service providers from the past.


10. Is my personal and travel data well protected?

Yes, it is. Payments for services to WK Travel Inspirations are done through PAYPAL, one of the most recognized global online payment companies. The client database of WK Travel Inspirations is registered in the Polish Personal Data Protection Agency - GIODO. The data transmission is certified by GeoTrust.


11. What if I am not satisfied with one of Services delivered to me by WK Travel Inspirations?

It hasn’t happened so far, but WK Travel Inspirations will take all the reasonably necessary actions to make you happy with its services, but within the scope of content provided under ‘Services & Pricing’ submenu of the website. According to the Regulations of WK Travel Inspirations, any claims will be dealt with within maximum 14 days from the date of its receipt.

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